“El Macho”, “El Gentleman”, & El Grotesco!

It’s “Gypsy Kings Meets Three Amigos”! Three Guitar Gods play lost guitarras like Paco De Lucia, sing like The BeeGees, Pop Ping Pong balls, Twirl and Throw guitars with Speed and Synchronicity, Smashing Eggs & Cliches!”

“Romantic Broomstick Guillermo de Endaya, Hairy Flamenco Gypsy Macho Marcial Heredia and Handy Moron Misfit Captain Morocco are the zany “Ole!” trio combining ingenious slapstick, mariachi-style guitar playing & wild fire comedy” ….“Ole!” ….Performing for Royalty, Presidents & Peasants for 25 years…

“A unique combination of frantic slapstick, duelling guitars and virtuoso musicianship“
(The Argus)

“A riotous, rib-tickling, salsa-loving show”
(Business Times Singapore)

“Thanks for your eggcelence”